Baltic Maritime Broker was founded in 2022 by three offshore specialists in Poland. We have gained the experience while working on a daily basis at Poland's largest offshore company, where we have spent many years getting to know the market.
Recently as a result of latest events in the regionevents in the region, there has been a rapid development of the offshore industry, and consequently there has been a demand for new services. First and foremost it is the brokerage service service for shipowners and other offshore entities. Until now, we ourselves have had to use only foreign brokerage offices,
therefore, we decided to change this...  

We are BIMCO member


Baltic Maritime Broker (BMB) was established to meet the needs and expectations of the broader offshore market. We connect people and their businesses, because business is people. We will help you find clients for your services in the offshore sector. Our offers is aimed but not limited to marine and offshore contractors, shipowners, suppliers, entrepreneurs, crewing agencies, shipyards and repair shops. We serve you with consulting, brokerage, agency services and representation. We act so that your business can grow!
Operation of vessels charters
  • Owner – Charterer communication
  • Preparation of charter contracts (BIMCO)
  • Representation in tenders
  • Representation in negotiations
Handling the ship purchase and sale market
  • Seller - buyer communication
  • Preparation of contracts and sales documentation
  • Representing the client in front of Government Offices and Authorities
  • Representing the client in front of Classification Societies
  • Representing the client in front of Insurance Companies
Technical maintenance of ships
  • Organization of ship repairs in case of emergencies
  • Workshop - shipowner communication
  • Comprehensive search for services and solutions in:
    • Mechanical repairs
    • Operational services
    • Technical inspections
    • Hull repairs
    • Navigation and communication equipment
    • Rescue and fire fighting equipment.
  • Representing the client at the shipyard
  • Organizing fuel bunkering
  • Arranging dockings and launches for vessels and workboats
Specialized services for the offshore market
  • Organizing inspections and handling shipowner profiles for entities such as:
    • IMCA
    • OVID
    • DROPS
  • Organization of On hire, Off hire inspections
  • Organization of client inspections
  • Organization of ROB Survey inspections
  • Organization of quotations and pre-purchase inspections for offshore market vessels
Crewing services
  • Searching for crew candidates
  • Interviews with crews
  • Drafting of seafarer contracts in accordance with the MLC
  • Change management, handling of seafarer contracts